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Extraordinary Extrusions

Artists referenced in the article:
Ron Lehocky
Susan Lomuto
Grant Diffendaffer
Leslie Blackford
Meisha Barbee
Donna Kato
Karen Sexton
Marie Segal
Ann Dillon
Cynthia Tinapple
Other fun extrusion links:
Terre d'Effa
Mari O'Dell
Ronna Weltman
Extruding dry clay
Nan Roche Braided clay bracelet
Jeanne Rhea Polymer Clay stamps 
Grant Diffendaffer Extruded and turned
Marie Segal Crocheted Polymer
Extruder products:
Ace Extruder Polymer Clay Express
Makins Extruder Stainless Steel version
Bullens Wullens power drill adaptor See it in action